Bank Street Gallery

Bank Street Gallery
gordon ewan

Isn’t it annoying when you meet someone very talented who is not only a lovely person, but is so multi talented that essentially they could turn their hand to anything?  Gordon Ewan is just one of these people. Many will already know him as an artisan jeweller.  Perhaps not so familiar is his creative talent generally across other media.

Bank Street Gallery is proud to exhibit Ewan’s first exhibition of stonework.  After only one workshop in the media, with the inspirational David McGovern, he has developed a style which develops his own creativity, whilst retaining naturalism already redolent in his jewellery.  Little wonder.  Driven by his Scottish ethnicity, some would say Gordon breathes the air around him to such an extent that his veins run with burn water.  Whatever his muse, the environment around clearly inspires, firing his passion.

For mere mortals such as us, Gordon Ewan does have a bizarre flaw; he doesn’t see the way most of us do.  Circular shapes appear elliptical.  All well and good when you are designing a bespoke gemstone but not so hot when you are going for the realism of our flora and fauna.  It is a delight to discover that Ewan chooses not to overcome this hurdle through modern digital technology.  He uses a piece of tracing paper!  His images are literally transferred onto the medium.

This exhibition is predominantly presented on Balmashanner slate.  Having hewn the stone, pastels then highlight the natural grain, enhancing the image, if necessary.  Finally the judicious use of precious stones and metals plays games with the spectator.  Suddenly each piece becomes a story rather than an image.  What story do you see?

this show runs from friday 20th april 2018 to friday 1st june 2018